Heavenly Arizona Bodies is a registered trade name with the state of Arizona.  Registration number 629068

"Behind every successful woman there is a man who tried to hold her back".

Heavenly Arizona BodiesTM (located in Scottsdale, Arizona) is dedicated to images of Arizona women who are blessed with rare physical features.  I use the term "Heavenly Arizona Bodies"TM to describe these very special women.  I consider women who enjoy nude, boudoir, erotic or "intimate portraiture" modeling to be a little more courageous than that of other genres of modeling.  I always strive to present photographs of models I shoot in the most honest and complimentary manner possible.  They have the right to be recognized and presented so that others can see, admire and enjoy their outstanding beauty and charm.  Hopefully visitors to my website will feel that I have achieved my goal.

Beginning in 2016 I will be concentrating on fashion and artistic nude sessions. I enjoy finding models who are new to modeling or have not been damaged by previous photographers.  I hope to find models who have been involved in exotic dancing or the adult entertainment industry and who consider each session to be one where they can help create memorable images, have fun and not be there only to earn money. I prefer models who will be naturally very well endowed or have chosen to have breast augmentation. If you are interested in being included in these events please let me know via my email link below.

I am proud to announce we have chosen the 2016 winner for the most Heavenly Arizona Body.  The winner is Jennifer.  You can view images of this exquisitely beautiful woman on my Annual Winner page at the link above...... Congratulations...Jennifer and thank you for allowing me to capture your beauty and charm in photographs..  

If you like my style and are interested in having a paid photo session please contact me via my email link below and let me know what type of session you like. (implied, erotic nude or artistic nude).  Be sure to include your vital statistics along with at least 3 recent images. My email address is  heavenlyazbodies@att.net    I will review your images and vital statistics and contact you for an interview for a possible photo session. Each woman I choose for a photo session will be paid for the session and receive digital images from the session.

I am also available for photo sessions where the model pays me.  She will receive at least 20 images for her own use and she retains the right to those images.  Contact me via the email link above with your wishes and goals along with at least 3 recent images of yourself your vital statistics and your contact information.

Thanks for visiting this special place for "Heavenly Arizona Bodies"
TM.      Floyd E. Harris Jr.

This website contains  images of women and nudity is involved.  If you are a visitor you must be at least 18 years of age and have no objection to its content.  If you disagree with this assumption or do not meet the age restriction please leave our website.  All of the material presented on this website has all rights reserved and all of its material is protected by federal and state copyright laws. No reuse or re-publication of the material on this website is permitted.  
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