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Heavenly Arizona Bodies is a registered Arizona Trade Name:  File number 9174134.

For those women who would like to be considered for a photo session please contact me via the email address below. Please include your contact information along with recent jpeg photos and your vital statistics. All of the sessions are 2 hours long and occur in my Scottsdale, Arizona studio. (occasionally, if weather and other conditions permit sessions may occur outdoors or on private land) My email is:

Floyd E. Harris Jr.

I am a photographer in Scottsdale, Arizona of gorgeous women who I choose to call Heavenly Arizona Bodies. It is my term to describe the exquisite women I photograph in various states of undress.  This website was created to celebrate their rare beauty and charm.  I trust you will find my images to be good examples of what I call “Heavenly Arizona Bodies.”  My goal is to find and photograph women who possess lovely faces, and figures. The images on this website are some of my favorites out of the thousands I have created. 

I believe that black and white images are less distracting and honest so I created a new page titled B & W Gallery. 

My experience has led to the following conclusions about photo sessions. I believe it is 25% skill, 15% being able to find exceptional models, 10% having the ability to make the model feel comfortable but the most important part of the equation, 45%, is the model's ability to communicate or talk to the camera and share their unique attitude and rare beauty during the session. Five percent of the equation is just plain luck.  One of the most important traits models can have for our sessions is, what I call, inate sensuality.